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A bit of our History


Incom Sài Gòn was established as a Pioneer focusing on Efficient Business Solutions for not only Bankers but also Retailers by using Brandname SMS Information System.


Leading the market with more than 100 professional clients comprising Banks, Securities and Retailers. Becoming a major7 Stakeholder to establish CCV, concentrating on Internet Services.


ISDC was equitized to become INCOM International Communications.,JSC, accomplishing its infrastructure, connecting telecom system and providing Digital Content via 6x89 SMS Infogate.


VASC established ISDC to create and manage its Internet infrastructure, developing IT applications such as luatvietnam.vn, ICP/MCP system... and Solutions to prevent risks from “Y2K” troubles for VNPT nation wide.


VNPT had been first connecting Internet, exclusive providing local Internet connection, and established VASC (under management of VDC) to create Internet-based value added services.

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